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Aesthetic Alchemy Art

Breathing in. Abstract acrylic painting on hexagonal canvas. black and white fluid art.

Breathing in. Abstract acrylic painting on hexagonal canvas. black and white fluid art.

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Breathing in - Melanie Smolenaars


Acrylic paint on canvas.

90 x  78 cm.

Ready to hang.

All art comes signed and with a certificate of authenticity.

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To me this painting represents a form of meditation. You breath in the positive energy, and breath out the negative. You are breathing in the light. This is reflected in the artwork by using bits of glass, that reflect the light.

 The details on this artwork are really stunning, the longer you look at it, the more you see. There is lacing, bits with texture, and colors that are mingling together.

The colors in this piece are white, grey, black, and a touch of silver and blue. The palette is classic and will suit any interior.


This is a large abstract artwork on a hexagonal canvas. The shape of the canvas makes it stand out, it’s really unique. The size of the canvas is 36 x 31 inch, or 90 x 78 cm. The canvas is gallery wrapped.

The technique used in this artwork is fluid painting, where one pours on the paint and allow it to freely flow and blend. Sometimes I will guide the paint a pit more, to accomplish a flow and composition that I am happy with. This type of painting usually has many layers to accomplish depth and detail. Sometimes I use different mediums and additions to get certain effects.

I also use texture paste for additional interest.

The sides of this painting are painted. 

It is finished with several layers of UV protection and varnish to help prevent fading.

I have not attached a wire at the back because this painting can be hung in several ways, so I'll leave that up to the collector. I have found you can easily hang it on the frame, so a wire isn't really necessary. 


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