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Aesthetic Alchemy Art

Blood Moon I Original abstract painting by Melanie Smolenaars I Textured painting on wood.

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Blood Moon - Melanie Smolenaars


Acrylic paint and texture paste on wooden panel.

90 cm.

Ready to hang.

All art comes signed and with a certificate of authenticity.

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Lunar eclipses are just magical, aren't they? They have inspired people throughout the ages in the shape of stories, myths and songs. The ancient Inca people for instance interpreted the deep red coloring as a jaguar attacking and eating the moon. Nature sure knows how to put on a show!


This piece was painted using texture paste as a base to create the luscious texture. I used acrylic paint and pastels to add the colors.  The wooden panel comes to hang.

Please note this painting is not framed, or have a black square behind it. That is just my lack of digital editing skills. 



I understand buying art online can be somewhat daunting, since you cannot see it up close and personal. To help make things easier I post as many pictures as I can, and try to make a video of each painting. I also offer appointments for people who are able to come by here in my home. If that is not a possibility I do collectors the opportunity to send an artwork back, if it turns out it doesn't quite fit in their home. Please see the terms and conditions here: