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Aesthetic Alchemy Art

Rain Dance - Original abstract art with red flowers

Rain Dance - Original abstract art with red flowers

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Rain Dance


Alcohol ink on 200gsm Yupo Paper.

91 x 61 cm


All art comes signed and with a certificate of authenticity.


Rain is pretty rare here in summer. When it does come, especially in rural areas, it’s very much welcomed. Those little droplets are like liquid gold! The flowers in this painting are looking up longingly, stretching out towards the sky, trying to catch those droplets of liquid gold.


This painting was painted using alcohol inks on Yupo paper. Yupo paper is a special synthetic paper, developed specifically for art. It is non porous, making it very easy for the inks to flow freely. It doesn't absorb fluids, therefor it doesn't buckle. It is very thick, and hard to rip.

Alcohol inks are highly pigmented, alcohol based inks. They can be used like other media like oils, acrylics and watercolors. By layering the inks, and by using different techniques, the artist can create a feeling of depth and flow. The thing that is different about these inks is how unpredictable they are, and to what extend one can control them. Guiding the inks takes a certain level of skill, but also the ability to accept their unruliness. I think that’s why I love them so much!

It is finished with several layers of UV protection and varnish to help prevent fading.


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